Attention Kindlers and Other eBook Reading Types

It has come to my attention that Old Man’s War is now available on the Amazon Kindle eBook reader. And doing pretty well: at the moment it’s #10 on the Kindle SF bestseller list (The Ghost Brigades is… Read More

And Remember, This is Her at Nine

Earlier today: Athena: [Tells me some trivial and obvious lie] Me: Really? You expect me to believe that? Listen, sweetie, if you’re going to lie to me, make it big lie. [Beat] Athena: I love you, daddy.

The Ghost Brigades: Now Out in Audio

The audiobook version of Old Man’s War apparently sold well — which makes me happy — so now The Ghost Brigades is out in an audio version as well. As with Old Man’s War, this one is narrated… Read More

My Cat Has Issues

First, here’s Zeus trying very very hard to get his way into the drawer in which I have my stash of catnip. There are two things going against him here. First, the contents of the drawer are heavy… Read More