13 thoughts on “The Catnip-Filled Sock Claims Another Victim

  1. Why can’t the invent something like that overly active dogs?? My dog needs something to mellow her out on a regular basisi. That’s a great picture :D

  2. I was planning on writing an epic blog post about marijuana decriminalization this weekend, but this has taken the heart out of me.

  3. When I was a kid, my mom planted catnip in one of our flowerbeds (later realizing this to be a mistake – once you have catnip in your yard, there’s no getting rid of it; twenty years later she was still pulling up every plant she could find in a futile effort to rectify her error).

    We had a cat that would find a patch and just roll in it until she passed out. After a while she’d wake up, and just roll some more until she passed out again. She did this pretty much every day, and seemingly pretty much all day, during the “growing season”.

    She claimed she didn’t have a problem and that she could quit at any time. But I never saw any evidence of that.

  4. What’s up with that monstrous bookmarking application in your feeds? It’s bigger than your posts!

  5. O Great Scalzi, the Executive Committee of The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club expresses its appreciation for this excellent Lopsided Cat update. His Mightiness looks fantastic and is simply relaxing after a hard day of disemboweling elk.

    These updates are unfortunately far too rare (not to mention the criminally rare mentions of Magnificent She) but we have come to accept – reluctantly – your limitations. The Beauteous Ghlaghghee has perhaps decided that you have reached the pinnacle of your native abilities and no further improvements are likely.

    Still, we can hope.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

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