After a Certain Point the Photoshopping Became Inevitable

Lovingly dedicated to Wil Wheaton. If you have to ask why, it’s probably best you don’t know.

Constituting an Official Bitch and Moan at io9.com

Dear io9.com: So, your Hugo award nomination coverage consists of one paragraph three days after the Hugos nods were announced — no list, no commentary, no snark about the nominees. Meanwhile, your coverage of a painting of a… Read More

This is What We Get For Painting Her Teeth With Corn Syrup Every Night Before Bed

Athena is off to get a cavity filled. I am going along for moral support, and because she can’t drive herself to the dentist. See you all in the afternoon. Remember to floss.

The Hugo Downside, Such As It Is

From the vasty fields of e-mail, a question about the Hugos: “Now that you’re an old hand with the Hugos, tell us if there’s a downside to getting a nomination.” Hmmm. The short answer is no, not really…. Read More