Feeling Spammy

Small technical note:

More comments than usual seem to be getting caught by the spam filter over the last couple of days. I’m hoping this gets trained out of its behavior, but if you find your comment not showing up immediately, this is probably why. And if one never shows up, uh, sorry. Not intentional. Try again. Thanks.

11 Comments on “Feeling Spammy

  1. I noticed that your current banner features Athena having the giddies. Feelings do get more intense when you’re nine.

  2. Is it because I post from near Austin MN, home of the famous Hormel company made famous by their famous spam?

    Did you know there is a Spam answer line? I know someone who works it.

  3. Well, if it missed the other thread:

    I hate you for all your access to fine SF and F.

    I’m just kidding.

    Sort of…

  4. I am Spam.
    Spam I am.
    I do not like green skin or lambs.
    I do not like them, not one bit.
    I will not read them in a book
    I will not read them to a cook.
    Not on a blog
    Not in the fog

    SAY! Say, I DO like green skin and lambs!

  5. There is a place called “Mr. Whitekeys Fly By Night Club” in Anchorage, Alaska who uses pictures of cans of Spam sent to him from around the world as part of his “chi cha co” play during the Summer. maybe you need to check with him about the missing Spam.