Fiddle Fiddle

To everyone who missed the “last post, next post” navigation on the single entry pages: I just put it back in. Now the site is ever so slightly easier to trundle through. You’re welcome. I may do some… Read More

Upgrading Tonight

Whatever may be offline for some amount of time this evening as I update WordPress to version 2.5. If you can’t reach it, don’t panic. Also, yes, I’ve backed up everything. Update, 7:37: All updated. Damn, but upgrading… Read More

Where Was I, Anyway?

Well, here’s a hint: For those of you not up on these things, that’s a headcrab, featured in the games Half-Life and Half-Life 2, by the video game company Valve Software, which I visited on my trip. What… Read More

How I Avoid Speeding Tickets

Because, as it happens, I get out of speeding tickets nine out of ten times I pull over. Here’s how I do it: I admit I’m speeding and tell the cop to please go ahead and write me… Read More

Yes, I Am In Chicago

Because, honestly. Where else would I be? Home? Madness! Sleeping now. Hopefully will actually be home sometime tomorrow before noon. We shall see.