Wacky Database Madness

My WordPress seems to have momentarily not wanted to speak to my database. It seems to have corrected itself. Who knows if it’ll happen again. But if you suddenly can’t connect here, that’s what it is (naturally, if… Read More

Reader Request Week 2008 #4: Where I Am Now

Dan asks: Cast yourself back to the Scalzi of twenty years ago. Now, in your life, are you anywhere near where you thought you’d be? Yeah, pretty much I am. Twenty years ago I was a first-year student… Read More

Reader Request Week 2008 #3: Sex and Video Games

Arachne Jericho wants to know my opinion on: Sex and video games Well, I’m a fan of each individually, that’s for sure. As for sex in video games, I don’t have any major problem with it philosophically; the… Read More

Reader Request Week 2008 #2: Technological Gifts

Daniel asks: You are the the Great God Scalzi, but sadly you are not quite omnipotent. In fact you only have the ability to create five new technologies. Which 5 technologies will you bestow upon humanity in 2008?… Read More

Reader Request Week 2008 #1: Homeschooling

For this year’s Reader Request Week, I’m going to try to do something a little different. Over the last five years I answered one (or occasionally two) of the questions a day, and then posted a follow-up entry… Read More