Voyage to Journey Planet

Last week I was interviewed by fanzine editor James Bacon for Journey Planet, the official fanzine of EasterCon, on the subject of fanzines and being nominated for the Best Fan Writer Hugo last year. Unbeknownst to the good… Read More

So Insanely Jealous

Phil Plait (of the Bad Astronomy blog) is getting an asteroid named after him. I’m so jealous I think my head might just explode. Congratulations, Phil, you lousy bastard. Note to astronomers: if you happen to have any… Read More

Double Whammy

A depressing little story in the Columbus Dispatch: Almost one in ten Ohioans receives food stamps, and thanks to rising food costs (one presumes both because of rising transport costs and the fact that everyone’s planting corn for… Read More

Tuesday Pimpery, 3/25/08, Plus a Open Pimp Thread

I’m in the mood for promotion, both in the “self” and “other” flavors, so here we go: * First, the final print edition of Subterranean magazine is available for pre-order, and for Old Man’s War completists, it includes… Read More

Athena Offers Her Take on the Greatest Existential Question of Our Time

This is definitely one of those “you either get it or you don’t” things.

After a Certain Point the Photoshopping Became Inevitable

Lovingly dedicated to Wil Wheaton. If you have to ask why, it’s probably best you don’t know.

Constituting an Official Bitch and Moan at io9.com

Dear io9.com: So, your Hugo award nomination coverage consists of one paragraph three days after the Hugos nods were announced — no list, no commentary, no snark about the nominees. Meanwhile, your coverage of a painting of a… Read More

This is What We Get For Painting Her Teeth With Corn Syrup Every Night Before Bed

Athena is off to get a cavity filled. I am going along for moral support, and because she can’t drive herself to the dentist. See you all in the afternoon. Remember to floss.

The Hugo Downside, Such As It Is

From the vasty fields of e-mail, a question about the Hugos: “Now that you’re an old hand with the Hugos, tell us if there’s a downside to getting a nomination.” Hmmm. The short answer is no, not really…. Read More

My Online Social Life

It occurs to me that at this point I have a lot of memberships on the various “Social Web” sites out there, and that it might be worth it to make a widget to point to those memberships… Read More

Round These Here Parts, We Just Eat Them

Horrible doings a-transpiring, involving chocolate bunnies.


I just got a Twitter account (screenname: scalzi) so any of you Twitterphiles who want to add me to your friends lists (or whatever they call them on Twitter), feel free.

Kindles and Owning Your eBooks

At this very moment (10:41 am, 3/23/08), Old Man’s War is #2 on Amazon’s Kindle Store Science Fiction bestseller list; only Slaughterhouse Five stands between it and glory. That’s all right, though; Kurt’s a Chicago alum. I can… Read More

Happy Chocolate Lagomorph Consumption Day

Remember that by law you are required to start with the ears.


Why is John Scalzi happy? Because he has tickets to see both Eddie Izzard and Yaz(oo) later this year. No, not on the same day, although that would be kind of cool, wouldn’t it. Honestly, I feel awash… Read More

Copyediting Commas

Just got through looking at the copyedit of Zoe’s Tale and generally it’s pretty good — the copyeditor has indeed saved me from making an ass of myself on a grammatical level, which is what copyeditors are supposed… Read More

The Catnip-Filled Sock Claims Another Victim

A tragedy, really. I thought Lopsided Cat might be strong enough to hold out against The Sock. I see now that I was wrong. Lots of stuff to do today; I suspect there will be light posting from… Read More

And Just So Not Everything Today is About the Hugos

There’s this, from the “Things We Already Knew Already” department, about Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning the Democratic nomination at this point in time: Unless Clinton is able to at least win the primary popular vote — which… Read More

Quick Hugo Follow-up Q&A

Hugo announcement days are good for your ego when you’re on the ballot, but not great for getting a huge amount of work done, because you’re busy answering congrat e-mails and such. Yes, this is in the class… Read More

TAD Wallpaper at Tor.Com

For the next week or so, Tor is making available this really excellent wallpaper based on the cover of The Android’s Dream, created by Shelley Eshkar. It’s one of my favorite covers and it does make a fine,… Read More