Suddenly It All Makes Sense

Of probably no interest to anyone but myself, but someone pointed me in the direction of knowing why my MT4 install went kerblooey last year: it wasn’t MT4, it was my host, which apparently chokes off script calls… Read More

Also, I Woke Up With A Sudden Desire to Collect Tom of Finland Postcards

I woke up with this song in my head, and now I can’t get it out. So now I’m giving it to you. Sorry, man. It just had to be done.

A Simple Question

So, if you’re the cat who left the bottom half of a rabbit on my doorstep this morning, with said hemi-rabbit’s liver and intestines each artfully laid out to the side, will you raise your right paw? Yes,… Read More

The Scalzi/Doctorow Mashup You’ve All Been Waiting For

Update: video is down. I expect they’re fixing the sound/video disconnect in the last part. I’ll repost when it’s fixed. Fixed! Last month Cory Doctorow and I met in Chicago — to fight crime! — and also to… Read More

Another One From the “People Who Really Should Know Better” File

University of Florida English professor James Twitchell caught plagiarizing others in his books. His is excuse? “Fluke acts of sloppiness.” Well, yes, it is sloppy to lift whole paragraphs of other people’s work without attribution, but as the… Read More

One Star Challenge Roundup, Part the First

Last Thursday, you may recall, I posted a bunch of my one-star Amazon reviews and challenged other authors to do the same, the idea being, you know, that there are worse things in life than a negative Amazon… Read More

The Return of Ghlaghghee

Those of you who live for the appearances of my pets on Whatever will note that it’s been a while, relatively speaking, since Ghlaghghee was last seen here. The reason for this is pretty simple: Ghlaghghee, being a… Read More

The Big Idea: Cory Doctorow

Last year my editor at Tor Books, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, gave me a manuscript copy of Little Brother, Cory Doctorow’s young adult thriller, to see if I might want to blurb it. About halfway into it, I wanted… Read More

Why Yes, My Backyard Does Overlook Mordor

Why do you ask? Honest, it didn’t look this menacing in real life. But the camera sees something different than the human eye. Makes for interesting pictures.

Because I Feel Like Starting Yet Another Pointless Word Usage Holy War

The sort of person who would use the phrase hoi polloi is also the sort of person who ought to know not to put “the” in front of it. That is all.

Today’s Free Advice

Never answer a mysterious e-mail which begins: “Attention, Dear Trusting Friend.” You’re welcome.

Pronouning Your Hermaphrodite

Here’s a writing issue I suspect is largely confined to the realm of speculative fiction: I’m editing page proofs of Zoe’s Tale at the moment and catching a significant number of errors — why is why we edit… Read More

Gulf of Araby

One of my favorite Natalie Merchant songs. It helped me get through this, for which I am grateful, because I didn’t know to at first. Enjoy.

Nice Try

Today Amazon suggested The Last Colony to me for purchase. Yeah, you know, I’ve read that. But it’s nice to know Amazon’s algorithm thinks I might like my own stuff.

The Stupidly Obvious Phrase of the Day

“The Poor Suffer the Most” Used, for example, in this news header today in a story about food shortages: “As a brutal convergence of events hits an unprepared global market, and grain prices go sky high, the world’s… Read More

This Year’s Nebula Winners

They are: Novel: The Yiddish Policemen’s Union by Michael Chabon Novella: “Fountain of Age” by Nancy Kress Novelette: “The Merchant and the Alchemist’s Gate” by Ted Chiang Short Story: “Always” by Karen Joy Fowler Script: Pan’s Labyrinth by… Read More

SFWA Passes Its Gut Check Moment

Greetings, gentlebeings! Little birdies flying to Ohio from down Austin, Texas way tell me that the incoming president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America is Russell Davis, who won the position by a rather substantial… Read More

Going Sidewise

This is neat: A short story of mine has been nominated for the Sidewise Award, which annually honors the best alternate history stories and novels. Here are the full list of nominees for this year: Best Short Form:… Read More

The Closeted Cat

Here’s a funny thing about Lopsided Cat: He’s a closet affection whore. When the other cats are around he hates being touched or picked up; you reach down to pet him when the other cats are around and… Read More

It Has Begun

Yes, yes. It has. Arrangements have been made. Wheels set into motion. At this point, it is inevitable. Unavoidable. Implacable would not be too strong a word. What has begun? I cannot tell you. Suffice to say it… Read More