4 thoughts on “Whateveresque Registration Delayed One Day

  1. Yes, I once told a friend about to launch an online magazine NOT to do it on April 1st. That 04/04 was much better, because it meant the same thing on both sides of the Atlantic. (grin) Which is why my next upgrade to my website is 04.04.2008 .

    As for celebrating the holiday, I’ve found the links to the Usual Subjects and put them on my blog.

    Dr. Phil

  2. I do find it hard to do anything serious on my birthday. For the longest time, I kept it quiet to avoid pranksters but now I find I don’t care so much.


  3. Of course, this post begs the question: Is this post your means of an April’s Fool’s joke, the end result being you have less work to do and those who wish to join you are simply put out till the next registration? Seems like a cruel thing to do, Scalzi. I knew I kept coming here for a reason.

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