Seiun Nomination

Oh, hey. Thanks to Science Fiction Awards Watch, I discover Old Man’s War has been nominated for the Seiun Award, the big SF award in Japan. Neat. Here’s the list of all the nominees, which includes fellow current… Read More

My Blathering Self

Like a chipmunk fed a caffeine pill, I do chatter incessantly, and some folks have caught this chattering on recordings. First, Tor has a podcast of me and children’s author (and Athena fave) David Lubar talking about, well,… Read More

Get Your Paws Off Me, You Damn Dirty Reaper

A banner on MSNBC says that Charleton Heston has died. I really enjoyed him as an actor, and those of us of a science fictional bent should remember he was really one of the first true A-list stars… Read More

Reader Request Week 2008 #15: Quick Hits, Volume II

What? You don’t want Reader Request Week 2008 to stop? Well, I know how you feel — but all good things must come to an end, and hopefully before I get bored with them. But remember: You don’t… Read More