Meet the Fan Writers: Chris Garcia

It’s time for the second installment of Meet the Fan Writers, in which you make the acquaintance of the folks nominated for the Best Fan Writer Hugo this year. Today we’ve got Chris Garcia, whose fanzine The Drink… Read More

My Grammar Bitch For the Day

Dear writers in the English language: “Alright” is not a word. You’re looking for “all right.” For everyone confused by reading in the dictionary that “alright” is a “non-standard usage,” thus maybe okay to use, you should know… Read More

I Miss My Site When It’s Not Around

My host is having some server-side issues today, which explains the intermittent access to Whatever you’ve been experiencing (that is, if you’re not just sucking down the RSS feed). It’s apparently fixed, but don’t be too surprised if… Read More

Chad Orzel is Annoyed With Me

As more than a few folks have been the last couple of days. Go and find out why. Comments should go there instead of here, so I’m closing comments on this particular entry.

A Reminder to SFWAns

Jim Macdonald reminds all SFWAns that their ballots for officer elections must be received by the 19th of April, which means that sending in the mail, oh, NOW, might be a good idea. Also, it might be a… Read More