A Shareware Short Story: “How I Proposed to My Wife: An Alien Sex Story”

(Artwork: Bob Eggleton) Around the time I was editing Subterranean Magazine’s cliche issue in 2006, I wrote my own short story based on a science fiction cliche (“Aliens! And humans! Having sex!!”). The story, “How I Proposed to… Read More

The Question Not Asked

SFSignal asks various science fiction and fantasy authors the question: Is the short fiction market in trouble? Personally, I would have asked: Does a market that generally pays its authors so little deserve to live? Because I think… Read More

My Whateveresque Appearance Schedule

Apropos to today being a Whateveresque registration day, I’ve been asked a couple times recently why I myself don’t spend a huge amount of time over on Whateveresque. Well, two reasons. First: I’m kinda busy, and I spend… Read More

My Biggest Book

Cleaning out my office closet gave me a reason to haul out the single largest book I own: The complete 1989-90 run of the Chicago Maroon, the student newspaper of the University of Chicago. I have a copy… Read More

Whateveresque Registration Up Until 10pm (ET)

For those of you wanting to join the conversations over at Whateveresque, the Whatever reader forum, registration is now open through 10 pm Eastern time. That leaves just over 13 hours to sign up. Run! As always, help… Read More