The Dastardly Culprits What Make Me Sneeze

These are they! Well, some of them, anyway. In the crabapple tree in the front yard. Evil bastards, the lot of them, but they sure are pretty.

Not Even In Your Dreams

I had this dream last night that I was playing a guitar and singing a song, and everyone around me started singing along with me. And when the song was done, I said, “wow, you must have really… Read More

A Small Yet Fundamental Truth

There is nothing you can do to make a MySpace page actually look good. No matter what you do to them, they still end up looking like a genetic misfire between a 1996-era personal Web page and a… Read More

Mmmm… One Star-rific!

For your fun and edification, I now present selected snippets of one-star reviews of my work on Amazon. Why? Oh, just because. Old Man’s War: Opening the book, I met a central character whose lame attempts at humor… Read More

Missing The Point

Shorter Hillary Clinton: By this metric which doesn’t actually matter, I’m winning. This is the “Lurkers Support Me in E-Mail” strategy, applied to the presidential campaign trail. I think we may need to introduce Hillary to Al Gore,… Read More

My Wife! My Best Friend!

Just come across while procrastinating preparing to write: This is a picture of Krissy (whom I imagine most of you recognize by this point), and Natasha, who is one of my dearest friends in the world, from last… Read More

Shareware Story Haul: One Week In

It’s been a week since I posted “How I Proposed To My Wife: An Alien Sex Story” as a “shareware short story,” for people to read and enjoy — and, if they like, to pay me a bit… Read More

I Hear and Obey

Krissy, on the phone to me as she drives home: “You need to go and take a picture of the sun right now!” Here’s a thought: Gravitationally speaking, the sun is 93 million miles down from us. And… Read More

The Direction I’m Heading

Minus the feathered hair, mind you. This realization after I opened the front door to a beautiful spring day, and then sneezed for five minutes straight. Which is not as much fun as it sounds like, trust me.

Quick Official Statement on “2:42″

Wired.com has picked up the story about The Morning News’ piece on 2:42 being the perfect length for a pop song having an eerie resemblance to my own post on the matter a few years earlier. I admit… Read More

A Bit More on OSB

In e-mail: “So, you’re saying you’re for the Open Source Boob project? Really?” Well. I’m for the idea of demystifying breasts to young men who fetishize them to the extent of not being able to process the fact… Read More

10 Delegates? Really?

After all that, Hillary Clinton nets just ten delegates? Is there anyone in the world not involved with the Clinton campaign who thinks ten delegates were worth the past seven weeks of complete and utter nonsense? Really? No,… Read More

Stalker Info, Permanently Posted

I’ve added a Scheduled Appearances page to Whatever (which aside from this link you can find in the “Administrivia” sidebar) to help folks who are wondering where in the Earth I am supposed to be — and I… Read More

Update on Shareware Story and 1,000 True Fans

Folks have asked when I’m going to have an update on how much money has come in from the shareware release of my story “How I Proposed to My Wife: An Alien Sex Story.” Well, tomorrow evening it… Read More

Open Source Boobs

Since I was at Penguicon over the weekend, people are asking me in e-mail to comment on the “Open Source Boob” thing that was going on there. Well, first, by way of explanation, the whole Open Source Boob… Read More


The New York Times has an interesting piece focusing on the font choice for John McCain’s presidential campaign — it’s Optima — and what the choice might signify, given that it’s the font used for the names on… Read More

I Suspect That Tori Amos Was Somehow an Inspiration For This

This being that. But does Tori deserve credit or blame? Well, I think your answer here will tell you more about you than it will about Tori Amos (or Emm Gryner, who is the actual artist performing the… Read More

You Don’t Have to Be an Ohio SF/F Person to Wear This Shirt, But If You’re Not It Will Be a Lie

Look what I got from the ever-fabulous Catherynne Valente, whist at Penguicon: The last line prompted someone to say to me, “isn’t that grammatically incorrect?” To which I said, “Dude, colloquial use on a t-shirt.” Just in case… Read More

The Surprise Award No One Told Me About

Apparently over the weekend The Last Colony received the Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Science Fiction Novel of 2007. I learn this from reliable sources in my comment thread — including two people who were at… Read More

Back From Penguicon

Lovely time. Now very tired. Planning to get to sleep early. How was your weekend?