Also, Not That Anyone Asked Me

But I still think Florida and Michigan should get bupkus. Just saying.

If We’d Been Abducted By Aliens, The Internet Would Dim for a Week

(picture by Ron Hogan of Galleycat) Here you see Patrick Nielsen Hayden, me, Markos Moulitsas and Cory Doctorow on that BEA panel about writers and their online communities. Yes, I talked about you. Yes, I said only good… Read More

June 17 is Marriage Day

Hey, I just noticed that the day that California will start allowing same-sex couples to marry is June 17. By coincidence, June 17 is the day I got married. And in California, no less. So to same-sex couples… Read More

Why BEA is the Happiest Place on Earth (If You Like Books)

Because: just by going to dinner last night, I came back to the hotel room with six new books. Yeah, that doesn’t suck. The books, by the way: 1,000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die, by Tom Moon;… Read More

Communities, Etc

Hey, before I forget, I’m having a panel tomorrow here at BEA on online communities, and it makes sense that, duh, I’ll talk about Whatever and the community that’s sprung up here. I know what I’m going to… Read More

Hello, LA

I’m in LA, staying at that most LA of LA hotels, the Westin Bonaventure. I’m here not five minutes, literally on the elevator ride up to my room, when a total stranger turns to me and says “it’s… Read More

Book to Film

Before I submit myself to the gaping maw of O’Hare International Airport, devourer of men, allow me to link you over to this week’s column over at AMC, which provides three reasons (but not the only three reasons)… Read More

BookLog 5/28/08

It seems like I just got home, but now I have to get ready to leave again, on account that I will be in Los Angeles at Book Expo America tomorrow through Sunday, having dinner with librarians, doing… Read More

If Dunkin Donuts Could Afford to Be Honest

Their press release for this would read as follows: Because Michelle Malkin is so appallingly stupid and/or ignorant that it appears that she can’t tell the difference between a paisley scarf and a kiffiyeh, we’re pulling our ad… Read More

Yes, I’ve Seen the NEW Canned Bacon

Not the bacon that was canned a terrifying 20 years ago and has since waited, a stealth botulism bomb, for an unwary consumer, but all-new tinned nitrated pork belly: That said, I think I still fear it. Please,… Read More

Let Sleeping Cats Lie

Zeus wakes up Lopsided Cat and wants to start a fight. Unfortunately for Zeus, Lopsided Cat obliges him. The moral: Don’t wake up Lopsided Cat. Ever.

New Short Short Fiction (From Me)

Why yes, as it happens, I am writing a bit of short fiction these days, namely a series of short-shorts (i.e., less than 2k words) that will appear in the Subterranean Press e-mail newsletter over the next few… Read More

Free E-Book, Me Spouting Off

Two quick bits: * Australian science fiction writer Simon Hayes and Freemantle Publishing have posted the first of Hay’s satirical Hal Spacejock novels online for you to download and try. Simon sends me copies of the series from… Read More

Reminder: Get Your Viable Paradise Applications In

We’re about four weeks out from the close of the admissions window for Viable Paradise, the one-week writing workshop (September 21 – 28) I’ll be teaching at this year. In addition to me, you’ll also be taught by… Read More

The Big Idea: David J. Williams

Terrorism is alive and well and living in the 22nd century — and if you don’t believe that, check out The Mirrored Heavens, in which one of the US’ proudest technological achievements is attacked and US scrambles to… Read More

A Final Memorial Day Link

A story about “Taps” and the people who play it and why.

Oasis 21 Wrap-Up

As most of you know, I spent Memorial Day weekend in Orlando, Florida for the Oasis 21 science fiction convention, at which I was a special guest. I’m happy to say I had a really good time. Oasis… Read More

RIP, Syndey Pollack

Oh, hell. Sydney Pollack has died. He was among other things the director of Tootsie, which with The Philadelphia Story is my favorite comedy of all time. Pollack played a role in the film as well (Michael Dorsey’s… Read More

Various & Sundry 5/26/08

Bite-sized things for your consideration: * First, look what arrived while I was out: It’s the ARC for Agent to the Stars (in case you couldn’t guess) and it looks great, and it’s out waaay ahead of the… Read More

Back at Home

And here’s Ghlaghghee, having a good laugh about the “surprise” she’s left me in the house as a “reward” for being away for four and a half days. I fear to see what Lopsided Cat’s left me. It’s… Read More