Scalzi and Heinlein: Together at Last

Earlier in the year I was asked to write the introduction for Project Moonbase and Others, a book of scripts that Robert Heinlein wrote for a 1950s television series based on his stories (a series which, alas, never… Read More

Little Brother Downloads

Cory Doctorow has a tradition of releasing a Creative Commons-licensed free electronic version of his books when they come out in the stores. For Little Brother, Cory was a little behind the actual book release — he had… Read More

If You Are Questing to Become King or Queen of the Geeks

Hachette Book Group USA (HBG), seeks to fill the position of Editor for its science fiction and fantasy imprint, Orbit. Hey! It comes with dental! Because even the king or queen of geeks needs top-notch dental hygiene. Perhaps… Read More

Rough Guide to the Universe 2nd Edition is Out!

I’m absolutely delighted to say that today is the day that my astronomy book, The Rough Guide to the Universe, comes out in a second, updated edition. In it you’ll find the latest on Pluto, Saturn, Mars and… Read More