Mild Server Wackiness

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For Those of You Wanting to Practice Your Spanish

Apparently Minotauro, my publisher in Spain, is whetting appetites for the Spanish language release of The Ghost Brigades (Las Brigadas Fantasma) by releasing the first chapter of the book online as a pdf document, which you may find… Read More

It’s Over, Hillary. Let it Go.

You know, today would be an excellent day for the mandarins of the Democratic Party to pay a call to Hillary Clinton, sit her down and then, kindly and gently, and with full appreciation of everything she’s done… Read More

The Deal With Lopsided Cat

Since people are curious, here is why Lopsided Cat is called Lopsided Cat: Lopsided Cat came to us a few years ago when he basically emerged from the woods to the east of our house, walked up to… Read More