Zoe’s Tale ARC: A Contest

Here you see Kodi with an ARC of Zoe’s Tale, guarding it with all the fierceness of Cerberus guarding the gates of Hades. Sure, you could try taking the ARC from her, but afterward, you would only be… Read More

Because They Never Love You More Than When You’ve Fallen Down

James Frey’s latest book Bright Shiny Morning gets a rave in the New York Times. Wait until they find out that this novel is actually a memoir. More seriously, if Frey has come out of this whole experience… Read More

Book Updatery, 5/12/08

A couple of things relating to books of mine: * I finished and delivered an updated manuscript for Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded: A Decade of Whatever, 1998 – 2008 to Subterranean Press last night. See, I… Read More