Either Napping or Prepping for a Monorail Cat Tryout

I’m guessing napping, myself.

A Choice Selection of YA Tidbits

SF Signal, following up on the various discussions on Young Adult SF/F, asks various members of the sf/f community to suggest YA books for adult readers. Interestingly, I and Patrick Nielsen Hayden, my editor at Tor, offered up… Read More

An Easy Choice Considering How Much He Looks Like Emperor Palpatine

The Pope (via the Vatican’s head astronomer) says that believing that alien life could exist elsewhere does not conflict with the Catholic faith: The Rev. Jose Gabriel Funes, the Jesuit director of the Vatican Observatory, was quoted as… Read More

Glorious, Gynoparadisiacal West Virginia

Poor, rural, working-class white folks in Appalachia didn’t vote for the rich urban former law professor senator from Chicago. They went for the rich urban former law professor senator born in Chicago instead. But since the vote went… Read More