Holy Hate Mail, Batman!

Subterranean Press tells me yesterday’s pre-orders for Hate Mail were well into the three-figure range. Since we’re only printing a thousand of them, that means a fair chunk of the entire stock was sold in the first day…. Read More

Daniel Lanois Goes Indie

If you were to ask who I was a “true fan” of, it would probably be Daniel Lanois. Lanois is better known — to most folks who know him at all — as a producer (of U2, Peter… Read More

More Proof We Live in a Science Fictional World, 5/16/08

This dude is now very likely to compete in the Olympics — — and the reason that he was initially denied a chance to compete was because it was ruled that his prosthetics gave him too much of… Read More

Decision Coming

So, there are 278 entries in the Zoe’s Tale ARC contest that got in before the deadline, and a lot of you folks wrote actual short stories, so the finding of a winner might take a smidge longer… Read More