Hey Batter Swing

Athena’s playing softball again this year; here she is up at bat and letting this particular ball get past her. In previous years, the coaches pitched to the girls; this year the girls pitch, which means lots and… Read More

Lazy Sunday, Cat Style

No idea where Zeus is. Probably off leaping on something.

For You Europeans

I’ve been led to understand that Bebo is one of the more popular social networking sites over there on your fair continent, and several folks there have asked me to put up a Bebo profile, because the inability… Read More

Truck Technology

Also in the LA Times this morning (guess which Web site I’ve been reading), a piece on how the trucking industry is now finally pushing itself to get more than five miles a gallon out of its trucks,… Read More

That Activist Judge

Apropos to the discussion of California’s Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage and whether the ruling was the work of “judicial activism,” the Los Angeles Times has a profile on the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court,… Read More