Apparently I’m In A Musical Mood Today

And now I’m tossing some a capella at you. That’s the Yale Spizzwinks(?), incidentally, and yes, the (?) is part of the name.

The Right Place, Now

For everyone cursing me for inflicting Avril Lavigne on them earlier today, here’s something a little more, shall we say, grown-up for you. To use the E-Phonic MP3 Player you will need Adobe Flash Player 9 or better… Read More

Once Again, Justine on Crazy Writers

I am happy to say I resemble none of the crazy writers she essays here. My craziness is original!

Because Sometimes It’s Fun to Listen to Brats

This song has been earworming me all morning (NB: 30 second clip): Girlfriend – Avril Lavigne And it’s my own damn fault, because I referenced Avril Lavigne in something I wrote. Stupid of me, I know. That said,… Read More