BookLog 5/28/08

It seems like I just got home, but now I have to get ready to leave again, on account that I will be in Los Angeles at Book Expo America tomorrow through Sunday, having dinner with librarians, doing… Read More

If Dunkin Donuts Could Afford to Be Honest

Their press release for this would read as follows: Because Michelle Malkin is so appallingly stupid and/or ignorant that it appears that she can’t tell the difference between a paisley scarf and a kiffiyeh, we’re pulling our ad… Read More

Yes, I’ve Seen the NEW Canned Bacon

Not the bacon that was canned a terrifying 20 years ago and has since waited, a stealth botulism bomb, for an unwary consumer, but all-new tinned nitrated pork belly: That said, I think I still fear it. Please,… Read More

Let Sleeping Cats Lie

Zeus wakes up Lopsided Cat and wants to start a fight. Unfortunately for Zeus, Lopsided Cat obliges him. The moral: Don’t wake up Lopsided Cat. Ever.

New Short Short Fiction (From Me)

Why yes, as it happens, I am writing a bit of short fiction these days, namely a series of short-shorts (i.e., less than 2k words) that will appear in the Subterranean Press e-mail newsletter over the next few… Read More

Free E-Book, Me Spouting Off

Two quick bits: * Australian science fiction writer Simon Hayes and Freemantle Publishing have posted the first of Hay’s satirical Hal Spacejock novels online for you to download and try. Simon sends me copies of the series from… Read More