June 17 is Marriage Day

Hey, I just noticed that the day that California will start allowing same-sex couples to marry is June 17. By coincidence, June 17 is the day I got married. And in California, no less. So to same-sex couples… Read More

Why BEA is the Happiest Place on Earth (If You Like Books)

Because: just by going to dinner last night, I came back to the hotel room with six new books. Yeah, that doesn’t suck. The books, by the way: 1,000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die, by Tom Moon;… Read More

Communities, Etc

Hey, before I forget, I’m having a panel tomorrow here at BEA on online communities, and it makes sense that, duh, I’ll talk about Whatever and the community that’s sprung up here. I know what I’m going to… Read More