Heading Out

Back to Ohio. We’ll see if we can get there without any delays. Have a good Monday. While you’re taking the day off, remember why you’re being given the day off, and remember those whose lives Memorial Day… Read More

Hear Me Blab

I was featured on the SyFy Radio broadcast last night, and they’ve put the show online for you to listen to here. I’m on the show currently featured at the top of the page, and you can also… Read More

Brevity, Etc.

It occurs to me it’s been about a week since I’ve written a post that is more than a couple of graphs. Well, I’ve been busy. With life! Outside of Whatever! Yes, it’s possible. I know some of… Read More


In 30 minutes I do a panel on blogging. I thought I’d note that here just for the extra level of meta. In other news Florida is nice and Oasis 21 is lots of fun. More details later.

Together We Will Get to the Bottom of This

I’ll be busy today doing various geek things, but while I’m away, I’ve left you a poll, touching on one of the great political questions of the day. Enjoy. Hillary Clinton Will Stay in the Race Just in… Read More

Worldcon in Reno?

For those of you with a science fictional bent, there’s a group of fan who have just decided to put in a bid for the 2011 Worldcon to be held in Reno, Nevada. I think this is a… Read More

How to Jump the Political Shark

This is how. Bear in mind that this is not the same as saying Clinton’s going to leave the race. She’s made it pretty clear they’re going to have to wrench her out with pry bars. But it’s… Read More

In a Stunning Betrayal of Everything I Stand For as a Writer and a Human Being

I’m currently writing in a coffee shop: I could say it’s because I’m just I’m letting the hotel service staff tidy up my room, and that it’s the Starbucks in the hotel lobby, and that I’m the only… Read More

RIP, Robert Asprin

Fans of the Myth Adventures series will be saddened to learn that Robert Asprin died yesterday. It was apparently peacefully, on the couch, with a science fiction book in his hand. He was scheduled to be a Guest… Read More


I’ve arrived in the great, sunshiny state of Florida, where it is in fact rather overcast and thundery. The brochures! They totally lied! Anyway: Hi, I’m alive. How are you?

Cheap Thrills

Quickly: My latest AMC movie column is up: How to Make a (Good!) Science Fiction Movie (for Cheap!). Or, why spending $150 million on spaceships and explosions and Will Smith is not always the way to go. Enjoy!

Away From Keyboard

Be back later. Here, have an open thread. Conversation starter: What’s the longest you’ve stayed awake (without the help of drugs stronger than caffeine and nicotine)? I clocked about 80 hours once myself, in high school. I knew… Read More

Apparently I’m In A Musical Mood Today

And now I’m tossing some a capella at you. That’s the Yale Spizzwinks(?), incidentally, and yes, the (?) is part of the name.

The Right Place, Now

For everyone cursing me for inflicting Avril Lavigne on them earlier today, here’s something a little more, shall we say, grown-up for you. To use the E-Phonic MP3 Player you will need Adobe Flash Player 9 or better… Read More

Once Again, Justine on Crazy Writers

I am happy to say I resemble none of the crazy writers she essays here. My craziness is original!

Because Sometimes It’s Fun to Listen to Brats

This song has been earworming me all morning (NB: 30 second clip): Girlfriend – Avril Lavigne And it’s my own damn fault, because I referenced Avril Lavigne in something I wrote. Stupid of me, I know. That said,… Read More

StarShipSofa on Scalazi

The folks at StarShipSofa have done a podcast show on me and my work (it’s show #89), and it’s an amusing listen, not the least because the fellow consistently mispronounces my name as “Scalazi,” but does so in… Read More

One Day’s Haul

People have wondered how many books I receive from publicists/authors/editors who’d like me to mention the book/have the author do a Big Idea/Just want to give me stuff. Well, here’s what just came in today from FedEx: That’s… Read More

The Gen Xers in This Article Resemble No Gen Xers I Know Personally

See the article, in which my cohort is made to look like a bunch of conservative, technophobic ninnies. Yes, this article really speaks to my experience as a Gen Xer, I will tell you. In other news, after… Read More

The Big Idea: Walter Jon Williams

This week’s Big Idea is special. Not only does famed author Walter Jon Williams explain the whys and wherefores of his big new novel Implied Spaces to you, but he also finally explains what UFOs are made of!… Read More