Reminders of a Science Fictional Nature

Because you need to be reminded of these things, darn it! * First, a reminder that I’m the author Guest of Honor at InConJunction, which takes place this weekend in Indianapolis. You should come. It’ll be fun, trust… Read More

A Note of Appreciation for Michael Capobianco

As many of you know, last year I ran for president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America as a write-in candidate against Michael Capobianco. Among the reasons I ran was that I was concerned that… Read More

Not That I’ve Been Keeping Track or Anything

After two months of just barely missing the mark, the site finally broke past the one million unique visitors mark, and with one day and three hours to spare: What does it mean? Not much, considering I don’t… Read More

Miss Athena Does Not Approve of Your Gauchery

“No, sir! I do not approve!” Miss Athena and I are now off, to go see Wall-E. For the sake of the people sitting behind her, she will not be wearing that hat.

What a Scandal Doesn’t Look Like

I’m seeing some folks getting all hypervent-ally over a new tidbit of news, in which Newsweek discovered that Cindy McCain was behind on the property tax on some of her property, to the tune of some amount less… Read More

Yes, I Am On the Verge of Overdoing Both Cat and Sunset Photos

Be that as it may, this is a pretty cool shot.

Upholding the First Law of Cat Lounging

Which is, of course, “all lounging cats must attempt to take up the maximum possible space.” This is especially applicable on desks and beds. Notice Zeus’ extended paw action to claim extra desk space. He’s a pro. Also… Read More

Re-Hipify Me: A Weekend Assignment

So, despite buying a lot of music and having ready access to Rhapsody and indeed the whole of the Internet (and, um, having been a music critic for many years), I’ve fallen prey to a malady common to… Read More

And Now to Explode Your Head As You Head Off For the Weekend

I pretty much guarantee you that you won’t guess which well-known 80s song this is a cover of until at least a few lines of lyrics in. And when you do figure it out, blood will shoot from… Read More

Internal Book Workings

Answering a couple of questions I’ve gotten recently about the mechanics of the book-related stuff here: * First, for those who were wondering about the disposition of the Duck and Hate Mail contests: The winner of the Duck… Read More

The Book Haul, 6/27/08

What came in this week? Quick notes: * I’m really excited to get Cycler, which is the first novel of my good pal Lauren McLaughlin, and which has a hell of a premise, which you might be able… Read More

The Big Idea: David J. Schwartz

If Spider-Man — and indeed the entire Marvel canon — has taught us anything, it’s that being a super-hero isn’t as easy as it looks. But if you think that’s difficult, try writing one… especially when you’re aware… Read More

DC v. Heller

The Supreme Court upheld the appeals court overturning Washington DC’s ban on handguns. I’ll post the link to the decision when it goes up, and maybe offer my thoughts when I’ve glanced through it; until then, here’s a… Read More

Help Build a List of New SF Film Classics

For my AMC column today, I review the American Film Institute’s list of the Top Ten SF films of all time (verdict: the list doesn’t suck), and note that the list stops at 1991. What does that mean?… Read More

The Difference a “Big Post” Makes

A couple of years ago I talked about the concept of “Big Posts” — posts that draw in more than the usual number of readers to a blog — and what they mean for growing the readership of… Read More

No Sunset Today

The sunset was blocked by a big ol’ thundercloud. But the clouds were interesting: Yes, they’re very pretty, until they’re right on top of you. Which they’re about to be, here.

Off to Charity

You may recall that in April I put up my short story “How I Proposed to My Wife: An Alien Sex Story” as shareware, for people to read, and if they liked, to send me money for. When… Read More

If Only I Had Known

Henceforth, whenever mail, electronic or otherwise, delivers to me news I don’t wish to hear, or act upon, like the President of the United States, I shall simply not open it, and therefore, it won’t have happened. I’m… Read More

Interesting News for the Members of Company D

Got my copies of the German version of The Last Colony today, and put it next to the other books in the series so you can see the wild variety Heyne, my German publisher, provides each new title… Read More

A Musical Walkback

Robbie Robertson and U2: Sweet Fire Of Love – Robbie Robertson I remember playing this song for a kid in my college dorm who was absolutely insane for U2 and watching him go insane because a) he didn’t… Read More