You Go Read Now

My pal Mary Robinette Kowal has a nifty short story in the latest edition of Clarkesworld, which is available online. Why aren’t you reading it already? Well?

Wil Wheaton: More Handsome Than Me

As you can see by this photo, taken by Galleycat’s Ron Hogan at BEA. If the two of us were, like, the Gen-X writer version of Wham!, I am so Andrew Ridgley. The picture is illustrating a nice… Read More

RIP, Bo Diddley

How cool was he? He had his own rhythm named after him. That’s pretty damn cool, my friends.

Technical Madness

So, I’m doing some fiddling with the Scalzi.com site (aside from the background and banner image change), which is unrelated to Whatever, but which if I screw it up might possibly affect access in some nebulous way, maybe…. Read More

BEA in Brief

Book Expo America was something of a working vacation; I was there to promote Zoe’s Tale and Agent to the Stars, but since it was in LA, I also had a chance to see a bunch of friends,… Read More

Housekeepery, 6/2/08

A few notes: * Whateveresque registration is open and will remain open until about 10pm tonight. Come join the fun! As always, here’s a primer on how to pick a Whateveresque name that doesn’t look like spam. And… Read More