About Damn Time

I mean, really. Thank Christ. I’ll have more to say tomorrow. Until then, the floor is open to your comments.

Guess How This is Going to Turn Out

The dog that showed up on my in-laws’ doorstep, who appears to be lost and/or abandoned. Says Krissy, oh, well, we’ll just take him home until we find his owners. Sigh. The good news is that none of… Read More

Frustrating Yet Still Cool

Unique visitors for May, 2008: 999,808. 192 unique visits short of a million. Screw it, I’m going to round up. Also, for stat geeks everywhere: 1,874,182 page views for May. Nice to know people look around the site… Read More

In The Clouds

While I was in LA my laptop started acting funky; it would basically take it five minutes to perform even the simplest of functions. After several hours fiddling with it in safe mode and out of it, I… Read More

We Got Raccoons

They come in the night, they do, and in this case they tore open this bag of birdseed to get at the sunflower seeds. It’s moderately annoying, but we just bought the tight-seal plastic container we should have… Read More

Nerdgassing: I Coin This Word In the Name of Humanity

The word: “Nerdgassing” Definition: The venting nerds emit when some (often minor) detail of a book/movie/TV show/comic book/etc either conflicts with canon and/or handwaves through some some suspect science. Example One: “In the third show of the second… Read More

Death of a Compact Fluorescent

Those of you whose tenure with Whatever goes back to 2005 will recall I planted a compact fluorescent bulb into my desk lamp in November of 2005, and then basically kept the light on continually ever since, to… Read More