The Final Disposition of TempDog™

We’ve found an owner for him, who is very nice and sweet and will love him to tiny tiny bits. We’re very happy for the both of them.

From the Fecund Garden of 80s Obscurities

Man, I am so unspeakably bored with myself today I find it hard to even tolerate being in the same room with me, which as you might imagine presents some issues. Rather than foist myself on the rest… Read More

Events of a Science Fictional Note

Some stuff to think about, if you think about science fiction: * Strange Horizons, the online science fiction and fantasy magazine, is having its 2008 fund drive this month. Those of you not hip to SH’s economic model… Read More

Graphic Design Flashback

For no particularly good reason, I was trolling through the archive.org library of former incarnations of Scalzi.com when I found this former logo for the site, which I rather quite like: This one’s from 2000 or so, just… Read More