BFS Recommended

Well, this is cool, and unexpected: The British Fantasy Society has placed Whatever on its recommendation list for one of its annual awards, in the “Best Non-Fiction” category. Neat! It’s nice to be appreciated. I have absolutely no… Read More

How to Save Your State Economy

Bring on the same-sex marriages! A study issued this week by UCLA’s Williams Institute for Sexual Orientation and the Law projected that gay men and lesbians will spend $684 million on cakes, photographers and other services over the… Read More

The Book Haul, 6/10/08

At the doorstep today, a lot of stuff from Ace, and a couple of things from Del Rey: First, I’m happy to say that this is the first week in a long time in which all the book… Read More

A Book A Year

There’s some grumbling out there in the writerverse about this article, in which some bestselling novelists bitch and moan about their publisher’s hope that they’ll bang out a book year. Publishers want a book year because it works… Read More