Bouncy Bouncy E-Mails

So, my e-mail account looks to be bouncing mail at the moment; I’m looking into it. In the meantime, if there’s something really important you want to e-mail me about, use my alternate e-mail address at “scalzi@gmail.com.” Update:… Read More

The Collective Wisdom of Whatever

Hey look, guys: We all get namechecked in a high school valedictorian speech (the actual speech begins at about 1:15): That’s very sweet. The entry she’s talking about, incidentally, is here. Just in case you missed it.

No School Like The Old School

My personal computer is all tricked out with multicore processors and shiny graphics cards in SLI configuration — and the kid is playing Pong. And doesn’t quite get why I laughed when I saw what she was playing…. Read More

No Longer New

SFSignal’s “Mind Meld” piece this week asks various SF/F notables to list tomorrow’s big names in the genre, which results in a bit of a mess as folks rack their brains to come up with new names. I’m… Read More

Campbells and Sturgeons, Oh My

The finalist lists for this year’s Campbell Award for best sf/f novel (as opposed to the Campbell Award for Best New Writer, which is a separate award) and the Sturgeon Award for best sf/f short fiction are up,… Read More

First Day of Summer Vacation

Athena went straight from bed to bubbles. Because, on the first day of summer vacation, why wouldn’t you?

Impeachment Rears Its Ineffectual Head Yet Again

My pal Burns! asks me, in e-mail: I thought sure you’d have something to say about the Congressman from your great state of Ohio, Dennis Kucinich, bringing his impeachment resolution before the House yesterday.  He read for nearly… Read More