13 thoughts on “It’s Like 1982 Never Ended!

  1. have you heard it? How’s the new tracks? Do they do anything different with the old stuff?

  2. A guy I work with has a shaved head, tats and listens to punk and alternative and some harder techno. But every other week or so it’s Journey. The contrast is pretty funny especially when he tries to sing alomg.

  3. I’m surprised at how high that entered the charts. The question is, how high would it have been if Steve Perry joined again? And Steve Smith, too. Though, the average music buyer doesn’t pay too much attention to the drums.

  4. I swore off of Chicago after hearing Aretha’s “Chain of Fools.” As for Journey, I just can’t deal with the bathos. However, I must admit that the new signer has a serious set of pipes.

    @ Shrike58

    A disco re-revival would be better than that – though I’m afraid that has already happened….

  5. What 1982 is over? In my mind Mr. Scalzi I’m already there.

    We will not stop Believin’. Yaahhooo.

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