John C. Wright Explains Science Fiction For You

“Science Fiction is that genre of cognitive estrangement in a post-Gothic mode, utilizing a willing suspension of disbelief, transcending anthropocentricism and temporal provincialism, where spacemen, raygun in fist, soar through outer space with a glamorous brunette Space-Babes in… Read More

Guess Which Popular Toys Athena Received Today

Here’s a hint: Take your time. No rush. Oddly, we managed to get through nine and a half years of Athena’s childhood without actually getting her any of these. Thinking about that now, that seems damn odd.

The Book Haul, 6/19/08

The books that have arrived at the Scalzi Compound in the last week: I want you all to appreciate the fact that I nearly killed myself getting this picture for you, on account of I was poorly balanced… Read More

Nerdgassing Redux

Over at the AMC Web site, my movie column this week revisits the concept of “Nerdgassing” — that is, kvetching about science and/or continuity issues in your science fiction. This time I’m focusing on movies in particular and… Read More

Sporkzilla Wants to Be Your Friend

Yes, I downloaded the SPORE Creature Creator and tried it out and created Sporkzilla here, who I think is kind of cute, if you like chicken-legged, stalk-eyed, Homer Simpson-lipped creatures, as apparently I do. I suspect I could… Read More