A Side of Ghlaghghee You’ve Never Seen Before

Sure, Ghlaghghee is a cute and fluffy little princess of a kitty. Until you piss her off. And then: So, you know. Don’t annoy her. I’m serious, man.

Supplemental Sunsettery

My daughter demanded I go out and take pictures of the sunset tonight. It was a good call: Here’s a closeup of those backlit clouds with hot crepuscular action: Also, not a sunset, but off to the side,… Read More

Atom Feedery

I’m getting a couple of reports that Whatever’s Atom feed is broken. I suspect this may be because people are pointing to a previous version of the Atom feed. The current version of the Atom feed is at:… Read More

My Jazz Hands, Let Me Show You Them

Athena saw the Spore Creature Creator and wanted to try it out. And thus, meet Ramona Roar: You can’t tell from this head-on picture, but Ramona has a wicked case of scoliosis. But she has a good personality… Read More

Some Sort of Social Networking Bend in the Curve

As of yesterday, I now have more Facebook friends (624) than MySpace friends (620). I’m sure it means something, but I have no idea what. And the fact I have more Twitter followers than friends on either MySpace… Read More

Book Notes, 6/22/08

A couple three things relating to books of mine: * First, for you Francophones out there, the cover to the French language version of The Last Colony: The tall, tentacly fellow is meant to be General Gau; the… Read More