“They Call Me Pinky”

If you’re Canadian and have been looking for Zoe’s Tale on the Chapters Web site, but couldn’t find it, here’s the reason why. Note the spelling of the book’s title. Not quite correct, yet strangely compelling. Update, 6/25/08:… Read More

Make-Up Contest

So, I said I’d post a Big Idea piece today, and then didn’t, because, uh, I was running errands. Yes, that’s it. Well, I’ll post one tomorrow. In the meantime, and to keep you amused, a contest! Explain… Read More

Seasonal Variance

Same location, different seasons: What a difference an axial tilt makes.

Various Thingery, 6/23/08

Some stuff: * Remember that you only have until Wednesday to participate in the Hate Mail contest, in which your delightful bits of vitriolic spite can get you a free copy of my upcoming book — and get… Read More

Away Time

As hinted at in a previous entry, I have a project deadline coming up which will require me to actually spend time writing away from here during most of the work day, definitely for the next week and… Read More

I Hereby Declare This Big Idea Week!

I’ve got a stack of Big Idea pieces for books that have been released this month, and I have a writing deadline I need to attend to (more on that in another entry), so I’m declaring this Big… Read More

RIP, George Carlin

He passed away from heart failure yesterday, at the age of 71. He was my favorite comedian to come out of the late 60s and early 70s. He resembled that uncle who smoked too much pot back in… Read More