20 thoughts on “Seasonal Variance

  1. Is the bottom picture ‘enhanced’ for the spooky, lonely effect, or does Winter Ohio really look like that?

    (That picture makes me thankful for yesterday’s 109 degrees F, since my winters never get that cold!)

  2. Well, I didn’t Photoshop in the snow, if that’s what you’re asking, Lauren. The picture was taken during a break in a snow storm.

  3. Yeah, Ohio winters really look like that

    Not happy about that, but that is a fact.

    The true fact is that is a good day for Ohio winters. The rest of the days are really very gray and, well, unpleasent.

    True story.

  4. This white glop covers us and freezes our innards! You didn’t tell us this planet’s axis tilts away from the sun! We demand you bring this planet up to standards!

  5. Both are solid photos. I prefer the second photo and think it would make a kickass holiday postcard, if you’re into that sorta thing.

  6. Ohio in the winter looks just like the Yukon in the spring. Mind you we do have good summers, just short ones…

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