Reminder: Insult the Crap Out of Me

Remember that you have only until 11:59:59 tonight (Eastern) to get in your entries for the “Hate Mail” contest, in which the winning hate mails will be published in the book itself. Yes, that’s right, your words describing… Read More

The Big Idea: Judson Roberts

The Vikings: You know them as burly guys with braids and swords who gave teleological and philosophical underpinnings to the music of both Richard Wagner and scores of heavy metal bands — but what do you really know… Read More

Patriotic Cat is Patriotic

Of course Ghlaghghee loves America. It’s where she keeps all her disembowled prey. Question for you all: If I posted a picture of my dog instead of writing about the Dobson/Obama tiff, which news story do you think… Read More

The Choices We Make

I was going to write an entry on the extreme irony of James Dobson accusing Barack Obama of distorting the Bible for political purposes, but upon further reflection, I decided I’d much rather post a pretty picture of… Read More

The Big Idea: Marjorie M. Liu

In its review of The Iron Hunt, her latest, Publishers Weekly called Marjorie M. Liu “one of the best new voices in paranormal fiction” — and given how hot the field is these days, that’s not a small… Read More

“They Call Me Pinky”

If you’re Canadian and have been looking for Zoe’s Tale on the Chapters Web site, but couldn’t find it, here’s the reason why. Note the spelling of the book’s title. Not quite correct, yet strangely compelling. Update, 6/25/08:… Read More

Make-Up Contest

So, I said I’d post a Big Idea piece today, and then didn’t, because, uh, I was running errands. Yes, that’s it. Well, I’ll post one tomorrow. In the meantime, and to keep you amused, a contest! Explain… Read More

Seasonal Variance

Same location, different seasons: What a difference an axial tilt makes.

Various Thingery, 6/23/08

Some stuff: * Remember that you only have until Wednesday to participate in the Hate Mail contest, in which your delightful bits of vitriolic spite can get you a free copy of my upcoming book — and get… Read More

Away Time

As hinted at in a previous entry, I have a project deadline coming up which will require me to actually spend time writing away from here during most of the work day, definitely for the next week and… Read More

I Hereby Declare This Big Idea Week!

I’ve got a stack of Big Idea pieces for books that have been released this month, and I have a writing deadline I need to attend to (more on that in another entry), so I’m declaring this Big… Read More

RIP, George Carlin

He passed away from heart failure yesterday, at the age of 71. He was my favorite comedian to come out of the late 60s and early 70s. He resembled that uncle who smoked too much pot back in… Read More

A Side of Ghlaghghee You’ve Never Seen Before

Sure, Ghlaghghee is a cute and fluffy little princess of a kitty. Until you piss her off. And then: So, you know. Don’t annoy her. I’m serious, man.

Supplemental Sunsettery

My daughter demanded I go out and take pictures of the sunset tonight. It was a good call: Here’s a closeup of those backlit clouds with hot crepuscular action: Also, not a sunset, but off to the side,… Read More

Atom Feedery

I’m getting a couple of reports that Whatever’s Atom feed is broken. I suspect this may be because people are pointing to a previous version of the Atom feed. The current version of the Atom feed is at:… Read More

My Jazz Hands, Let Me Show You Them

Athena saw the Spore Creature Creator and wanted to try it out. And thus, meet Ramona Roar: You can’t tell from this head-on picture, but Ramona has a wicked case of scoliosis. But she has a good personality… Read More

Some Sort of Social Networking Bend in the Curve

As of yesterday, I now have more Facebook friends (624) than MySpace friends (620). I’m sure it means something, but I have no idea what. And the fact I have more Twitter followers than friends on either MySpace… Read More

Book Notes, 6/22/08

A couple three things relating to books of mine: * First, for you Francophones out there, the cover to the French language version of The Last Colony: The tall, tentacly fellow is meant to be General Gau; the… Read More

Summer Solstice Sunset

Not the most spectacular sunset I’ve photographed this year. But certainly the latest.

Your Home Improvement Tip For The Day

From time to time, you may discover that your sink has become clogged with a large mat of hair. When this happens you must take action. First, grab your bathroom plunger, like so: Then, apply the plunger directly… Read More