Duck, Duck… Winner!

After much delay, I’m happy to announce the winners of the duck contest are An Eric, for his always-timely recasting of Animal Farm, and Alex Jay Berman, for an answer that is (you should excuse the pun) a… Read More

And Now, Another Installment of Cheap Amusement Theater

Zeus + laser pointer = crazy delicious. Extra points to the folks who recognize the music in the background.

Apparently This is All My Fault

Over at Salon, there’s a piece up on Bacon Mania, and why cured, fatty pork belly is such a cultural and online phenomenon these days. And guess who gets pegged as patient zero for the online bacon fever?… Read More

A Truly Stupid Amount of Money

Well, shucks! Looks like the Scalzi family stimulus check has arrived! And look at the riches our government has poured upon us, to help stimulate the struggling national economy: Yes, that’s right: six dollars and ten cents. As… Read More

Tom Easton on Zoe’s Tale

Tom Easton, who has written book reviews for Analog for three decades, is also putting up book reviews on his own site, and today turns his attention to Zoe’s Tale. The review has a couple of minor spoilers… Read More

Chauncey, The World’s Most Adorable Giraffe, Has a Special Message For You

And it is: “Hello! John Scalzi has several very important things he needs to do today before he can come and play with you all, so he told me to tell you that he’ll probably be out for… Read More