And They Called it Kitty Love

Awwwww. Their publicists maintain Ghlaghghee and Zeus are “just good friends.” Possibly because at this point neither of them possess the plumbing to be anything else. Yes, that would put a damper on things, wouldn’t it.

I Coin This Word in the Name of Humanity, Part II: Puckerguard

Just checked with Google to see if the word exists out there, and it doesn’t, so today’s new word: Puckerguard. Definition: Well, think about what part of your body puckers. Now think about what guards it. There you… Read More

From the “People This Lacking in Self-Awareness Really Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Speak in Public Ever Again” Files

The following heart-stoppingly clueless comment, from this CNN article on Barack Obama: With Clinton’s debt yet to be paid off, some of her supporters are balking at the idea of donating to Obama — especially if he does… Read More

Sometime Around Midnight by The Airborne Toxic Event

If The Edge from U2 and Ian McCollough from Echo and the Bunnymen loved each other very much and had a baby, I think it would sound a little like this. Ah, so mopey and jangly. Here’s their… Read More

Maybe They’re on a Book Deadline, Too

Iran appears to have Photoshopped a picture of missiles launching. Oops. I have nothing useful to say about this. It’s just that I Photoshop as a procrastinatory thing, so it makes me wonder if they do too. “Damn… Read More

Vin Diesel and Downloadable Books

Another Thursday, another AMC science fiction movie column. In this one, I explain why The Chronicles of Riddick is a perfect example of how not to make a science fiction sequel. Yes, folks, the nerdgassery in this one… Read More

The Unbearable Ridiculousness of Bacon

It’s now official: Two of the top five days that Whatever has had in its entire near-decade run, unique visitorship-wise, have been because of entries concerning bacon. Seriously, here’s the top attendance figures, and the entries that motivated… Read More