Upgrading, 7/15/08

I’m upgrading from WordPress 2.5 to WordPress 2.6 tonight. If you can’t get in, that’s why. Yes, I recognize that if you can’t get in, you won’t read this. But this is actually for the RSS feed people. The people who actually come to visit my site will see the “down for maintenance” splash page.

Before you ask, yes, I am backing up. Me no stupid no more.

Update, 9:19pm: Done. As you were.

16 thoughts on “Upgrading, 7/15/08

  1. You had to upgrade to get rid of that other background? That must’ve been a helluva a malware infection. :)

  2. I did it this morning as well, using subversion. It was well worth the effort to set up. I did three blogs in three minutes, tops.

  3. You updgraded WordPress- WordPress!- without mass panic and disaster? You’ve got some kind of powers, man.

  4. Just yesterday I finally got around to upgrading to 2.5.1. Jeez. And I’m a professional, too.

    I typically do not upgrade to .0 versions of stuff. I let the computer peasants like you work out all the problems that get put into the .1 version.

  5. I’m thinking of two new SFWA fundraising t-shirt ideas: First, just words that say, “My favorite scifi (fantasy) author went on vacation and all I got was a WordPress upgrade to his (her) blog.” Second shirt, your duck picture header running across the upper torso with the following words underneath: “SFWA. We’ve got attack ducks.”

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