Electronic Editions, or, I Can’t Believe I’ve Not Put This Up Already

Because at this point I’m getting a couple of e-mails a day on the matter and need something to direct people to: Yes, I have eBooks available: Old Man’s War, Ghost Brigades, The Android’s Dream and Zoe’s Tale… Read More

Doing Other People’s Publicity For Them

Maybe this is just me being a little oversensitive to word use, but recently I’m seeing a lot of e-mails and some comments where people are pointing me at something and saying that I should give that thing… Read More

Can’t Play; Must Work

But here’s some Luscious Jackson to keep you company. Did I mention I have a crush on Gabby Glaser? Apparently I have a fetish for female bassists. I don’t imagine this is incredibly uncommon.

Giving Ridley Scott His Due

Over on AMC today, I talk about how Ridley Scott, director a Best Picture (Gladiator) and recipient of three Best Director Oscar nominations (not to mention director of Alien and Blade Runner), is getting to the point where… Read More