Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle

I’m going to be playing with the WordPress theme around here today. Don’t panic if things look freaky for a while.

13 Comments on “Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle

  1. All teasing aside — I did really like that theme. The layout was crisp, clean, and easy to read.

  2. You shouldn’t necessarily get attached to any theme you see pop up — I’m looking at a bunch of them today.

  3. Good Grief, stop monkeying with shit, will you? Everything is pink and green over there on the right. Pink and green, Scalzi. Ugh! I haven’t finished my first cup of coffee and the color scheme is hurting my brain like fingernails on a blackboard.

    I’ll come back later, after the panic has drowned in another cup of coffee.

  4. Right now, I’m staring at a skirmish line of rubber ducks, and you’re telling me not to panic?!?

  5. I assume that you’ve upgraded to WP 2.6. My experience is that some themes have very subtle problems with 2.6. I tried one beautiful – and popular – theme, and most bits worked really well, but one function was simply broken in a way that I couldn’t debug.

    Right now I’m playing with Mandigo, which is delightfully configurable, even though some of the visual elements are a bit garish. I’m moving to a three column layout, like Whatever, and Mandigo lets you reconfigure the layout from the control panel.

  6. Some of us kinda like it if things look a little freaky now and then. Keeps us on our toes.

  7. Heh. I think all bloggers play with themes on similar schedules (e.g., every few weeks).

    I was looking at some themes from the WP theme shop. Mandigo looks interesting.

    However, I did pretty much find out that, despite the lack of control panel bells and whistles, I hold the449’s Simplicity (slightly modified) near and dear to my heart. I… I don’t think that’s ever happened before.