You’re All Insane

For everyone in comments and e-mail who have plaintively asked if it’s okay if they like the Seven and the Ragged Tiger album, here’s a Duran Duran video for y’all: It’s “New Moon on Monday,” in which Simon,… Read More

Also —

If you like fluffy white clouds — I mean, really like fluffy white clouds — you should be in Ohio right about now. Bigger version here. And hey, what do you know — using a polarized filter does… Read More

Mother, Daughter, Cat

They all seem to be happy.

Airing a Repeat: On Submitting Bitchy E-Mails to Scalzi’s Attention

Someone is presently boring me in e-mail, so I thought this might be a nice time to haul the following chestnut out of the archives. This is originally from 2004. On Submitting Bitchy E-Mails to Scalzi’s Attention A… Read More

History and Science Fiction and Movies

Hey! Thursday again, and another AMC column on science fiction movies. This time I talk about what science fiction and historical movies have in common, which is, not a whole lot of fidelity to their academic subjects —… Read More