19 thoughts on “I’ve Got a Hankerin’ For a Sunset

  1. Your right. This was very evil………….not yet……….so sorry.


    WOW, nice sunset! Where did you take that? My guess is facing west in you yard.

  2. Thank you for doing what I told you to do!

    Ha! I am the all powerful who controls the Scalzi blog!

    What next. what next?


    Oh! Review something! Then another Big Idea!

    Do it NOW Scalzi!

    Then I yield the blog to Chang who is sometimes Chang but never Patrick.

  3. Beautiful ! The sunrises and sunsets here in Colorado are beautiful. I wear didymeum lenses for blowing glass, but an added benefit is what they do to the sunrises and sunsets. They deepen the reds and oranges. Sometimes, we announce a “Sunrise Alert!” over the loud speaker in the shop. We all stand out there for a few moments to enjoy. Starts the day out nice.

  4. Nathan @#4: No, it’s, “I wonder if he is using the same sun we are using?”

    Goldman’s law, remember?

  5. Spectacular!

    (Unfortunately that link takes me to the login page and not to the picture …. (I can get to the picture, by a little editiing of the URL in the link, but not to the ‘sizes’ stuff.))

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