I Don’t Know Art, But I Know What I Like

“Now up for bid, this absolutely stunning piece of modern work entitled ‘I Will Be There At The End of All Things, or, The Shreddination’ by the prodigiously talented artist Zeus Scalzi. Zeus Scalzi has quickly established himself… Read More

Really, Now, WTF?

Why does it seem like the Internets just want to fight me these last few days? I love the Internets! Oh, Internets. Let’s never fight again.

Another Entry in the Annals of “People Who Haven’t the Slightest Idea What They’re Saying”

Awww, look. Someone’s trying to lecture me on speech and the Internet! (claps happily) Background: In the comment thread to this entry yesterday, someone named Gretchen came in and acted in a manner I thought was inappropriate, and… Read More

Don’t Stop MP3in’, Hold On That Feeling

Via a tip off from Rob Thornton, behold the Journey mp3 player! Oh, yes, it’s real: The Zvue Journey comes preloaded with Journey music — 11 of their classic hits (“Any Way You Want It,” “Don’t Stop Believin’,”… Read More

Your Instructor For Your “Advanced Catnappery” Course

Looks like he’s running a little late. Which means, of course, that he’s excellent for this class. There’s a waiting list for him, really.

You’re All Insane

For everyone in comments and e-mail who have plaintively asked if it’s okay if they like the Seven and the Ragged Tiger album, here’s a Duran Duran video for y’all: It’s “New Moon on Monday,” in which Simon,… Read More

Also —

If you like fluffy white clouds — I mean, really like fluffy white clouds — you should be in Ohio right about now. Bigger version here. And hey, what do you know — using a polarized filter does… Read More

Mother, Daughter, Cat

They all seem to be happy.

Airing a Repeat: On Submitting Bitchy E-Mails to Scalzi’s Attention

Someone is presently boring me in e-mail, so I thought this might be a nice time to haul the following chestnut out of the archives. This is originally from 2004. On Submitting Bitchy E-Mails to Scalzi’s Attention A… Read More

History and Science Fiction and Movies

Hey! Thursday again, and another AMC column on science fiction movies. This time I talk about what science fiction and historical movies have in common, which is, not a whole lot of fidelity to their academic subjects —… Read More

Just in Case You Thought the Hand-Wringing Over Science Fiction Was an English Language Thing

There’s a nice, long piece in El Pais, Spain’s largest newspaper, about the current denatured state of the science fiction genre. Naturally, having a facility in reading Spanish might help (I relied on the good graces of Google… Read More

Hugo Prognosticating

Over at Tor.Com, folks are putting down their markers on who they think will win the Best Novel Hugo this year. For obvious reasons, I am refraining from making an appearance in the comment thread, and anyway, I’ve… Read More

Your Wednesday Musical Interlude

Mandy Moore doing “The Whole of the Moon” by the Waterboys: It’s surprisingly not horrible! Indeed, I think it’s pretty good. Also, not to put too fine a point on it, there would be no way Athena would… Read More

Reminder: ArmadilloCon

Just a reminder to all and sundry that if the dates of August 15 through 17 are just a big ol’ gapin’ hole in your social calendar, there’s something you can do about it, namely, come to Austin,… Read More

Zoe’s Tale: Not in SFBC

For those of you hoping to pick up a copy of Zoe’s Tale via the Science Fiction Book Club, I have some bad news, which is that SFBC won’t be carrying it. The reason for this is fairly… Read More

The Big Idea: Greg Egan

If you like your science fiction hard — we’re talking diamond-scratching hard, here — then you already know that Greg Egan is your man; this Hugo winner’s been spinning tales of hard SF for years that make you… Read More

Things I Forgot to Remember, Monday Edition

Some stuff I probably should have mentioned before: * As you know, Tor.Com is live and is featuring my new short story “After the Coup,” which takes place in the OMW universe. What I neglected to mention was… Read More

Two Small Observations

They are: 1. People who don’t know what they’re talking about don’t like to have that fact pointed about, especially if you use the word “ignorant” in context to the fact. 2. People like to confuse “pointing out… Read More

New Short Story at Tor.Com — Now Live!

Tor.Com is finally live, and as noted in various news organizations, the site combines “original fiction, a group blog, lightweight social networking features and an extensive art gallery.” Plus it’s just generally cool. Am I involved with Tor.Com?… Read More

Fan Fiction in Canada

For all you fanficcers out there, an interesting take on fan fiction from the Canadian legal perspective, i.e., whether fan fic would be legal in Canada if it ever went to court there. The author suspects not and… Read More