Way Past Sunset

Two long-exposure pictures of tonight’s approaching thunderstorm: It’ll be somewhat darker when it hits.

This Will Never Hold Night Ranger OR Air Supply Songs. EVER

How cool is this — someone sent me this: Yes, the Journey MP3 player, which comes preloaded with their latest album Revelation. Showed up in the mail yesterday, and I’ve been terrifying the pets with it ever since…. Read More

The Converse of Obama’s Problem

You know what: When the Wall Street Journal has a column about the Republican nominee for the president with the headline “Is John McCain Stupid?“, it suggests to me that one of the presidential candidates has an image… Read More

Whateveresque Registration Open Until 10pm

Whateveresque, the message board that lets you have a conversation with other Whatever readers without having to wait for me to name the topic (because, honestly, sometimes I never talk about what you want to talk about) is… Read More

Scalzi/Doctorow Mashup Part II: The Quickening

Hey, remember when I posted that video of me and Cory Doctorow talking about our upcoming books Zoe’s Tale and Little Brother? Good times, good times. Well, now we’re doing it again! I know! I can hardly believe… Read More