At Least One Way Canada is Better Than the US

Apparently, they have “Smokey Bacon”-flavored (or “flavoured” as they would spell it) potato chips. Here you see a bag, sent to me by my dear friend Meeka, who declared that the instant she saw the bacon-dusted chips, she… Read More

Interview at Genreville

Publishers Weekly speculative fiction reviews editor Rose Fox has a new blog at PW’s Web site called Genreville, and from time to time she interviews science fiction publishing folks about their jobs, in a series she calls “Nuts… Read More

My Denvention Schedule

For those who are curious, the panels and activities I’m scheduled for at Denvention 3: August 6, 1:00 pm: Schmoozing 101 CCC – Korbel 1D The art of small talk – it doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Pick… Read More