Video Interview at Cult Pop

Who knew that when you have a book coming up, you might be doing a lot of interviews and suchlike? It was news to me, too. But this was pretty fun: There’s a local interview show up in… Read More

It’s Probably True

J. Dack posits “Scalzi’s Law.” Think of it as not unlike Godwin’s Law, only tastier.

I WILL Be Doing a Reading at Denvention After All

My very kind friend and Campbell Award nominee Mary Robinette Kowal has quite graciously offered to share her Denvention reading time on Thursday at Four PM at the Hyatt Hotel, room Agate A, and I have taken her… Read More

The Android’s Dream, Kindle-ized

Those of you with Kindles and a powerful desire to read my novels in digital form will be pleased to learn that The Android’s Dream is now available for Amazon’s e-reader. Naturally I encourage all you Kindlers to… Read More

The Big Idea: Jason Pinter

A child disappears one day… and returns five years later with no memory of where he’s been all this time. What’s his story? That would be enough for any thriller, but with The Stolen, author Jason Pinter wants… Read More