E-Mail Down

Note: my GMail account, through which I route my mail these days, has been down for a couple of hours. I understand I’m not the only one with this problem. If you’ve sent me e-mail since about four… Read More

As If You Haven’t Had Enough Hugo-ry Today

The lovely folks at AMCtv.com, where I do my weekly sf/f movie column, have posted a post-Hugo interview with me (the interviewer this time around is a real other person, not just an iteration of me). Also, io9.com… Read More

And Now, About The Hugo(s)

Clearly, I’m all about the quiet dignity. (Photo once again by Tom Suter) I have a few comments to make about Hugos won and lost, so if you’ll indulge me (and you’ll have to, because this is my… Read More

Denvention 3: An (Oh, Probably Not) Brief Recap

So, how was Denvention 3? Well, you know. I had fun. Let me break it all up into easily digestible categories of personal experience. 1. Panels and Programming: This stuff worked out pretty well for me, I have… Read More