Finding Mary Robinette Kowal’s Fiction

A question from the comment threads: If someone had not read anything by Mary Robinette Kowal were would be the best place to find some of her work? As it happens, MRK has a page up that will… Read More

Photo Request

Hey, Denvention attendees: If any of you happen to have pictures of Yanni Kuznia, my Hugo awards date, on the night of the Hugos, would you forward them on to me? My camera died so I don’t have… Read More

It’s Arrived

It sits on the top part of my desk now, pointing toward my Campbell, and also the stars (well, the ceiling. But, you know). Between them, pictures of my family. To the left, the original artwork for the… Read More

ZT Review on SFFWorld

We’re getting close to the release of Zoe’s Tale (just one week out now), so I suspect we’ll be beginning to see more reviews of the book coming in. The latest is on SFFWorld, and it’s a good… Read More