Talking About Writing, 8/29/08

Hey there — I’m in Lexington. Writing in a coffee shop. Don’t worry, I’m not fooling anyone.

On the subject of writing, I did an interview with the site Eat, Sleep, Publish, talking about the state of publishing and whether writers will continue to make a living in the future (short answer: Sure hope so). The interview is here.

11 Comments on “Talking About Writing, 8/29/08

  1. I hope you’re at Common Grounds – that’s the best coffee shop around.

  2. Yeah, well, I don’t think you’re too easily fooled, Toby.

    OT, I just finished Sly Mongoose last night (actually, early this morning). Man, that Pepper is one serious badass!

  3. On the subject of making a living writing books, I was wondering if you had an opinion on what the publishers are doing to our Canadian friends, John?

    I picked up a copy of The Last Colony last week and was startled to notice that it’s listed at US$8 in the US and CDN$10 in Canada. And yet the Canadian dollar has been equal to or stronger than the American all year. Any thoughts, or is that just not your bailiwick.

    P.S. I enjoyed the book immensely.

  4. Oh hell–I’m kinda nervous to go read the interview for fear that it’ll make my heart hurt. I’ll do anything to avoid returning to a cubicle. However, the state of some of the writing that I see out in the wild reassures me that, in one way or another, the world will always need peeps like us.

  5. Scalzi, what the heck is it with you, traveling, and coffee shops? Once you get out of Dark County they just seem to attract you.

  6. Eat your heart out, Scalzi. I just got back from In-n-Out five minutes ago.